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Why Choose Cloonespace

We realize that there are many choices when it comes to web hosting but only a few are able to provide the best quality service and great support to customers at a very good price. We are one of the very few web hosting companies to do so.

But how do we differentiate our service from other web hosting providers? Well, we step up our game and leap extra miles forward just to give you even more. And we are just a click away for your convenience

Personalized Service

It is not an overstatement to say that we are passionate and honest people. To prove it, Cloonespace was founded to sell reliability service and we still continue to do so. Reliability is what every customer wants and without it, customers will walk away. We express our reliability by staying honest and by hiring the most knowledgeable people to work for our customers. And we work hard to do all of these with a smile.

It is easy to get lost in a crowd. It is even easier to get caught and hooked up by industry buzzwords and false advertisements. At Cloonespace, we work hard to consistently amaze our customers with our personable, timely and honest service.

The growth and success of Cloonespace depends on our customers' satisfaction. We strive to give our customers an incredible experience by investing in high end hardware, data systems, great support personnel and feature rich web hosting applications. Our commitment to provide exceptional customer service is paramount to everyone here.

The Latest in Data Center Technologies

Our customers demand personal service and untimely unprecedented reliability. To do so, we maintain state-of-the-art hosting facilities. And we continue to upgrade our servers as more powerful equipments become available.

No matter who you are and what you do, we have you covered. Whether you are a professional web designer who is getting your business online or a big enterprise that requires cloud services or web hosting to run mobile apps, CRM and e-commerce, Cloonespace can ensure you that your website will always be hosted with the most value, performance and reliability.

Money-Back Guarantee

We understand your wariness in our words as they sound too good to be true. So we welcome you to try one of our services risk free for a full 30 days.

Should you decide to cancel your account due to dissatisfaction, we will gladly provide you with a refund.

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