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Spam Emailing: China_The Confirmation Of Intellectual

For some reason, you might receive the email as below.


Dear Manager:

We are the Domain Name registration organization in China. which is a professional Internet Domain Name Registration and dispute resolution organization in China.

Here, we have some important thing confirm with your company .On [date],We received an formal application ,one company named [Some Company] want to register [Trademark] China,ASIA domain names and Internet Trademark name on Internet.

After our initial examination, we find the domain name and the Internet Brand applied for registration are the same with your company's name and trademark.One point need you to confirm that whether the allegedĀ [Some Company] is your business partner or distributor in China?If like that ,we will finish the company's application. If the company is not you partner, please let the someone who is responsible for this matter to contact us as soon as possible to deal with the matter.Thank you!


With the email such as content as above, please mark the email as phishing email where this could abuse the Internet Use Policy from many ISP.

If you received such email from your mailbox, please remove the email and ignore it.

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